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Able900 wrote:

I was thinking if I would do a water fast for one week or 10 days. I should calm down with all reactive behaviour of my body to food.

Am I right?

If I then would not have sympthoms the culprit of my suffering is the food I eat and not a candida.

But if I would have die-off, suffering all the time. I should have Candida as the die-off will really kick in when the candida doesn’t get food and starts dying? In a test like this I should not take Molybedenum so I really can read the signs.

Able, do I have a thinking mistake here?

Thomas, you just may have a good idea there. All I would ask is that you make certain that your health is at the proper state to warrant going through a week-long water fast. For example, take into account that you could easily lose as much as ten pounds in one week with this fast.


I am 186 cm in hight and 75,5 kg now. 49 years old male. No heavy worker.
Maybe I try to fatten up a bit.

What you thing?