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tlentz1108 wrote: I guess my problem is that I came onto this forum well into my own program and I don’t know where I would be in comparison to your protoccol. I felt that I needed some support and since I made my way often by trial and error, I’m sure that it doesn’t match up.

Hello, Teresa.

Following your own protocol will probably build your adrenals in time; of course you’ll need to continue consuming high doses of a good probiotic since the flora in the intestines make up 70% of the immune system; because if your immune system isn’t in good condition, this will make it more difficult to build your adrenals since the adrenals are part of the immune system as well and of course all the different parts are connected by the immune system itself. Also, since adrenal fatigue is partially caused by a compromised digestive system, the beneficial bacteria can help to correct this problem in time. Personally, I would want to vary and alternate the probiotic with different brands and strains; I would also be consuming kefir on a daily basis.

Of course with our protocol, you wouldn’t be consuming honey (even manuka) because honey in general contains about 80 to 84% sugar in the form both sucrose and fructose. This makes it stronger than regular cane sugar as far as the sweetness is concerned. Both starches and all forms of sugar can weaken the adrenals because the sugar actually causes a shock the adrenal cortex. There are arguments against this, but there are also many arguments in favor of leaving all forms of sugar out of the picture when attempting to build the adrenals; personally, since there is plenty of research showing that the adrenals can be strengthened without honey, I would simply choose to avoid it.

Our adrenal protocol is a lot like yours, but it also includes Pantethine, a dimeric form of pantothenic pantothenic acid (B5) adaptogenic herbs such as Ashwagandha and licorice root.