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Hello Floggi,

All I gotta say to you is that you have been nothing but a troll on this forum and have not done anything that is constructive or helpful to anyone’s discussion or health problems. I did find your thought’s on chris’s enemas amusing though, but I don’t think its a best use of energy to go around trolling on these forums without having anything positive to say.

Relating to this, I would like to hear your reasons to why candida is not diagnosed by the medical industry? I’d say that roughly 99% of the medical doctors here in the US have no training, experience, or knowledge relating to candida and there is very few specialists that you can visit at a doctors office to get treatment.

One of my hobbies in my spare time and while working is listening and researching conspiracy stuff; so I am not going to waste any energy on this unless you are educated on the subject and are even close to the same level I am at.

Have you listened to Dr. Mcoomb’s radio shows? In his radio shows he states that candida causes many illnesses that humans experience including arthritis, diabetes, dementia, hypo/hyperglycemia, and more. He has cured thousands of people with these problems, sometimes very quickly! I think atleast some of my statements have relevance or are half-truths at the minimum. It takes research to back up what I am saying and I don’t have time to bust out research papers on the subject and I doubt you will listen or read the stuff I post.