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Floggi;28424 wrote:  

I went to the dr and had many tests done, the doctors told me I was normal. When in fact I had an overgrowth of yeast.

If many tests are done, and all of these tests fail to detect candida… then how can you be sure you actually have candida?

The Candida Antigen blood test is extremely accurate: not to say as with any test it can’t have it’s own false positive or false negative rates. In my case, my IgA came back at like 30.0 whereas a normal range would be 0.0 to <0.9 = That's a firm diagnostic but, I had to get the blood test information off the web and take it to him so all the dr. had to do was write it up on his lab test order forms. A year prior he told me there were no determinative tests other than Dr. Crooks' questionnaire....go figure.....

Yes, educating yourself can pay off with western medicine > I believe in a ying yang theory where there’s a balance between alternative and western medicine which can help heal this condition. If we keep in mind “heal” really means in this case to keep the yeast in it’s normal yeast form within the GI track and keep it from turning fungal, such as remission if we eat a piece of cake or have a couple of beers with the boys on the weekend, etc….. I’m very careful using the word ‘cured’ around candida. It’s more like putting into ‘remission’ and keeping it there.