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good news, my weight has come back off again plus another 2lb!! 🙂 But the bad news is that my thrush is still hanging around like a very unwelcome guest! 🙁
I Cut out the Coconut milk, Oat bran and natural yoghurt about 5 days ago but the symptoms are still no better. How long does it usually take to get back to where you were? I have decided to add Buckwheat flour next and stay off the 3 offending things for a while longer. Buckwheat flour seems much more versatile. Do I have to wait till my sypmtoms go away before I try it or is it safe to just have it? I found some buckwheat crackers which seem ok ingredients wise and have a recipe for buckwheat flour tortillas which would make my packed lunches much more interedting. I must admit though I am missing my oatbran and coconut milk poridge lol. any advice would be great. thanks. xx