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Oh no, you poor thing, how disheartening! I’ve noticed my weight stabilising and starting to increase gradually… I’m half way through week 3 on stage 1. I lost 8lbs the first week of detox but was starting to look gaunt (down to 8 1/2 stone at 5ft 9in is not a good look!). The infuriating thing is I battled to get the weight down after my last 3 babies… and then even more just fell off me in a week when I didn’t need it to!!! The law of the sod?!!

Anyway back to your question… all those things look healthy so I guess it’s down to the portion size? I presume coconut milk is quite high in calories? I’m finding that my appetite has really decreased since that hollow starving feeling of week 1! So i’ve adjusted my portions downwards and dont seem to need as much bread with breakfast or my buckwheat crackers mid afternoon.

It is odd though isn’t it? You’d think on such a healthy diet there’s no way you’d put weight on!

Sorry, can’t help you with the thrush. I’ve strangely never had it. Maybe if you outline a few days diet in detail and your supplements so that Able/ Raster can take a look and critique?