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Quote: “i’ve been doing a lot of research online and i came across MANY people who started out really good with Candida and the supplements BUT few months or weeks later the Candida came back as they put it with a vengeance.
why does that happen? how can one prevent it?”

Reply: This probably happens to more people than we can imagine. The reason is simple; depending on the degree of the Candida infestation, the very least length of time for a lasting and successful treatment is probably 6 months to a year. This is the very least amount of time for a very short-lived Candida infestation. If the infestation has been ongoing for a year or in many cases several years, it can literally take a lifetime. Many of us believe that once the infestation has taken hold of the entire body (meaning it has gone septic), then the person needs to remain attentive to the treatment and possible return of the full force of the infestation for the rest of his life. Sad news I know, but facing reality is wiser than the opposite, and there are lots of sufferers to prove that this is true.

Quote: “i really have a lot of problems not looking forward to having worse symptoms when i’m doing everything in my power to get better in the long run.”

Reply: The only way you’ll be successful with that is to stay sincere and dedicated to your treatment. Making mistakes or cheating only prolongs the treatment period, and each time this happens, you’re prolonging the life of the Candida albicans and giving the infestation a chance to grow and spread to other parts of your body.

Quote: “how many types of anti-fungals do u have to take? is one type enough?”

Reply: If you get the correct ones, 3 or 4 are enough. Oil of oregano, coconut oil, undecenoic acid, and raw garlic and/or garlic pills containing allicin.

Quote: “would probiotics alone be enough? or does it have to be a combination of both?”

Reply: Although probiotics are an absolute necessity to the final cure, using probiotics alone could be dangerous as far as toxins in the body are concerned. Antifungals are the easiest way to lessen the numbers of the Candida slowly without dangerous toxins debilitating the liver and body, and the probiotics later on are the finish touch it takes for the final cure. Whether you use both or not is completely up to you.