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Quote: “after 2 weeks i start taking anti fungals…and after experiencing die-off symptoms and having them cleared after however time it may take. i am able to slowly introduce foods back in and start encouraging the good bacteria.”

Reply: This is incorrect. In my opinion it’s smarter to start encouraging good bacteria, in other words add a probiotic, shortly after starting an antifungal.

Quote: -yet i still probably have to keep it up with the anti-fungals and probiotics?! (i wonder if there is any point where people stop with the anti fungals or is it a life style thing?)

Reply: Before you stop the diet and probiotic, you will have been finished with the antifungals for quite a while. They’re the first things you stop.

Quote: – also not quite sure about the rotating anti-fungal thing or rotating different meats everyday or so , why is that tho?”

Reply: Who told you to rotate meats? I suppose if you’re eating a lot of meats it would make sense, but you really shouldn’t be eating enough meats to necessitate rotating them.
And rotating antifungals isn’t really necessary, just going off of a strong one like oil of oregano for a week or so is a good idea.