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i’m so sorry guys if i keep asking random questions but as i’m doing this i’m also going through the previous posts so make sure i’m getting things right and catching up so bear with me 😀

– is there any specific order to taking probiotics or anti fungals ?? like i have to start with one first then wait and see if i should add anti-fungals for example ??

-when they say Probiotics and anti-fungals cancel each other out, what do they mean by that ?? does it mean don’t eat them together at the same time ?? or in the same period of time ??

– if you experience die-off symptoms with only one type of anti-fungals is there any reason to take more ??

– if you take one type of anti-fungals and had no effect do u have to add another one and keep taking the first one that didn’t work ?? (i’m asking that since i notice people around here take up to 4 different types and i’m assuming they must have a good reason for that)