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you shouldn’t put/set a timetable for phase one of the diet. It’ll last many more weeks than 2 weeks. I haven’t heard one person here on the forum recover that quickly…expect a few months quite possibly. Expect to take the probiotics long-term for immune system health; the antifungals are just used to kick down the candida some. Antifungals are one of the top easy ways to spend a bunch of dough; focus your the essentials (such as a probiotic, oregano oil, molybdenum) and add more as you go. The die-off part can hit you pretty hard; you will feel very ill (most likely) and the more antifungals you use, the more die-off that will occur. Just start it slow with 5 drops or so of oregano oil per day and work your way up; the more you use the more you will feel sorta ill. Eventually they won’t do too much because there’s not much left to kill off.

Able: I think she maybe misread/interpreted one of your posts about the meats and why we shouldn’t eat them everyday.

Relating to this, the more you rotate your diet the less the candida can adapt to your foods; try not to eat the same thing everyday like I am and it might pan out for you better. You can have chicken a few nights in a row, but I think able suggested not having meat everyday of the week.

If you want the best long term success with the antifungals, it’d be best to rotate them every now and then. After the whole consumption of an oil of oregano small bottle for instance, you probably won’t want/need anymore at that point and can try something else.

You can also have as many vegetables as you want as long you don’t make veggie smoothies and don’t have the tomatoes/carrots often.