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Quote: “since my diet is already very limited i don’t have as much freedom as most of you have when it comes to diet.”

Reply: We need you to explain the statement above. If you have alternate illnesses, we should know about them if we’re going to give you advice about a diet. Or, if your infestation is already in the septic state, then we need to know that as well. Treatments can vary depending on the level of the infestation.

Quote: “i know Level 1 and 2 are strict but does the lifetime treatment mean giving up all fruits for the rest of my life?”

Reply: No, of course not. But thinking that far ahead is only depressing and certainly not necessary to the treatment. Taking it all one day, or one moment at a time during this treatment is the only way to survive it. Forget about tomorrow.

Quote: “ how would you know if you are clear from one stage to go to the next one”

Reply: By taking the treatment one day at a time, noting the times and reasons that you feel better and the times and reasons you feel like you’re going backwards. You’ll learn the actions of your own body this way, and if you pay attention to it all, you alone will know when you should try to move on.

Quote: “ and lastly how do u know if you are clear from candida overgrowth and perhaps can have somewhat of a “normal” diet?

Reply: This is something that you never know for certain, there’s always the chance that moving up a level or even a step could cause the symptoms to stop improving. In other words, you’ll always be gambling and hoping that the infestation isn’t there just enough to start multiplying again under the right circumstances. That’s where a lot of people are right now, but those still on the forum are taking the safe road and not gambling with their health by starting back on the diet that got them here in the first place.

Quote: “i’m not talking about over indulging just general semi healthy snacks”

Reply: That depends on what you consider semi-healthy snacks to be. When a Candida infestation is in question, I would consider semi-healthy snacks to be certain nuts and seeds, sweet potatoes, brown rice, and certain low-sugar fruits. These seem acceptable once the infestation is considered to be cured. Other than brown rice, grains in general can’t be considered ‘healthy’ foods; again, where a Candida infestation is concerned.