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Take the probiotics between meals and the antifungals with meals. I would start the probiotics week 2 and the antifungals week 3 perhaps.

I have never heard of them cancelling eachother out, but it could I guess if you take them both when you eat.

If you experience die off, then it means that the antifungals are working; you take more to cause more die-off! Thats what you want, to kill it off. If you don’t notice its working, it doesn’t mean its not working…I wouldn’t worry too much about taking them all at once.

The main thing you should worry about is rotating the antifungals during your treatment. Candida can really adapt easily, so the more you change up the antifungals the better it kills the candida. For instance, if you do goldenseal and oregeno oil for 2 weeks, change it up to oregano oil and grapefruit seed extract for a few weeks. Then change to grapefruit seed extract and goldenseal for a few weeks. Goldenseal is pretty ineffective FYI, just using it as an example.