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raster wrote: So have you started the strict diet? If you haven’t, I wouldn’t do the antifungals until you start the diet because its just going to waste.

If you have really bad symptoms during the diet, one of the best ways to completely reduce it is to do a sauna, steam room, or hot tub; this will allow the biggest organ in your body, your skin, to extreat the toxins. Also, molybdenum and the probiotic will help with the die-off period as well. I was very ill for 2-4 weeks myself.

The more you cheat, the longer your recovery will take.

i am really dedicated with what i do specially for my health so i’ve been taking everything really seriously eventhough half of the veggies on the allowed list are my enemies i will go through with the rest.

however i was planning on taking digestive enzymes since i really need them..there are foods (specially vegetables) that just don’t work for me.
ok my question is:

– you mentioned molybdenum which according to a nutrition website “Molybdenum helps your body manufacture enzymes”. if i take an digestive enzymes to help me digest vegetables plus molybdenum. will they affect each other’s job ???

– apparently that’s not all molybdenum does…so i’m checking since molybdenum helps body creates enzymes for digesting fats and carbohydrates. so my guess is that it would be ok if i take enzymes for my veggie intake ??

i am doing the diet but skipped the cleanse because i don’t think my body can handle it. i am feeling quite fatigued (but that’s how i always feel anyway so

– so i will have to wait for the Die-Off symptoms to go away before starting Probiotics and antifungals ???

– and then i start the antifungals and i’ll experience more die off symptoms or am i missing something here ???