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N0001 wrote: Im sure it has something to do with candida…. Here is what I mean…
I have noticed if I begin to feel sleepy during the day, some sugar wakes me up…
What does sugar have to do with the brain? And any relationship to candida?

When we eat sugar, the body uses the sugar to convert into blood glucose. The glucose enters the bloodstream at which time the pancreas will secrete a particular hormone we know as insulin. The insulin then bonds with the blood glucose, and the resulting reaction is the body is provided with energy and literally and the glucose literally “feeds” your brain.

When we produce more blood glucose and insulin than the body needs, then the excess glucose will be stored by the body as fat. On the other hand, if we don’t have enough glucose in our bloodstream, then the excess fat that we have will be broken down in order to create fuel and food for the body.

The ironic thing about sugar giving us energy is that eating too much of a good thing in this case creates the opposite effect. Too much sugar eaten at one time will give you a quick pickup, but later you’ll usually feel a significant drop in that energy, you usually also feel lethargic and even sleepy. This is because the blood sugar drops after the quick pick-up and the drop is usually to a larger degree than the rise was.

The body completes the same process with carbohydrates, and of course, there are carbs in almost everything you eat, including vegetables.

The only relation this process has to do with Candida is you’re also giving the Candida a happy feeling with pure sugar as well.