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Chlofloso;32499 wrote: Hello everyone,
I am finally back to the forum (hope I will manage to read and write more forum posts again). I have updated my story, you can read it here .

Since a few months I am passing out white threads in my stool. I’ve finally managed to send them to a lab now and I will update here as soon as I get the results. I believe they are the ripped off hyphae of the Candida mycelium. I’ve found some pictures of other Candida sufferers’ stools on the internet, and it looks very similar. This would mean that my whole intestine is covered by this mycelium, as there are many threads every day since a long time. I believe that Jorge in this forum once mentioned that he was experiencing the same. Does anyone else observe something similar?

It is very common to find people suffering severe intestinal fungal overgrowth passing white threads in stool. This is the result of an active fungal infection. According to my latest research, those threads are dead epithelial tissue digested by candida enzymes. It is the same manifestation that occurs when women have an active vaginal yeast infection. The white cheesy secretion is dead vaginal tissue.

Anyway, it is caused by fungus digesting the intestinal lining an suggest an active fungal infection.

I have passed a lot during long period of times. It was only after months doing enemas that they mostly disappeared. It was a long process for me. Still, I have seen some mucus formations after recent enemas that I suspect are linked to fungus.