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1. Would you take them first thing on an empty stomach and take probiotic once in am and once before bed?

2. Do you continue your supplements while doing this?

3. What do you eat for breakfast if you’re cutting out coconut oil and kefir? I was having a piece of homemade ‘coconut bread’ and a glass of kefer with cinnamon.

You don’t have to take molybdenum or Candidate either one on an empty stomach, but don’t take these or any other supplement close to the time you take the probiotics.
If by ‘supplements’ you’re talking about vitamins, yes you should continue taking any vitamins you’re now taking.

You can continue to eat the coconut bread. As far as a drink, there’s lemon water with Stevia if you choose, or you might try 100% chicory coffee which is an excellent prebiotic for the beneficial bacteria. Can you eat eggs?

Thank you once more. I know this board is somewhat anonymous but would like to suggest that you (and Raster) set up p.o. boxes and give us the address. I for one, would like to send a donation for all of your tlc on this board.

Very kind of you, HW, but the information on this forum should always be free because we are not professionals, and I believe that all of the experts are aware of that. If anyone at any time should suggest payment for their advice, I suggest that you notify the site administrator right away.

Thanks, Able