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Have you ever considered seeing a naturopath? They seem to be a lot more knowledgeable about candida than most MD’s.

My candida was kick started from an incredible mold exposure. No doctor acknowledged my mold exposure nor candida. I went to the hospital 5 times and received no help at all. The only thing that helped a little is when I forced them to do a broad range of blood tests and they all came back fine. That at least put my mind at ease.

Regarding the naturopath, I was fortunate enough to discuss my mold issue with one of the top Naturopaths from Canada and she said she treated a lady who had been to the ER 15 times and they could not give her any help. It wasn’t until the naturopath treated her for mold poisoning that she found relief. This is probably a much similar story to many candida sufferers.

My naturopath seems to think my main issue is mold posioning and to a lesser extent candida because of it. irregardless, both treatments are pretty similar. Limit sugar and carbs and take antifungals.

If you feel you really want a doctor to help you, naturopath is definitely a great option. MD’s were only trained about mold and candida for patients who have diabetes or immune diseases. Unfortunately that only covers a small percentage of the people who are affected by this horrible illness. That’s why they won’t acknowledge your issues nor do they know how to treat it. Rarely will an MD even suggest probiotics after giving antibiotics which is ridiculous.