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Metamucil is made of psyllium husk, flavored and colored with sugar and artificial food coloring. The expert members on the forum are of the opinion that psyllium husk is too harsh on the digestive tract, especially for candidiasis sufferers, who often have intestinal inflammation or leaky gut as well. Chia seeds are preferably because they lack sharp edges, especially after absorbing liquid. As for the sugar (or artificial sweeteners, as the case may be), that’s counterproductive to eliminating sugar from the diet, and the artificial food coloring is counterproductive to eliminating toxins (in general) from the diet.

Bentonite clay is a separate product that binds to toxins and helps escort them out of your system. It can’t be replaced with a fiber supplement. I’ve seen the powder form of clay mentioned on the forum, but I purchased a version that is already mixed with water, to no apparent ill result…it’s just easier to mix.

As for V8 juice, its main vegetable ingredients are tomatoes, carrots, and beets, all of which are not allowed on the “strict diet” regimen. Even for a vegetable juice, it’s pretty sugary. Additionally, bottled juices are generally pasteurized, meaning the living enzymes available in fresh juices have been cooked to death, and these are important prebiotics to help reestablish a proper ratio of healthy gut flora. If you don’t have a juicer (which can be costly), there may be fresh juice bars near you. Most don’t have pure vegetable juices on the menu, but they can do custom orders. For instance, when I go to a juice bar near me, I order their green drink — kale, celery, cucumber, parsley, pear — with lemon and ginger in place of the pear. That said, I’m sure there are people following the diet who don’t live near a juice bar, or don’t have the financial means to purchase fresh juice, much less a juicer. Do the best you can, but I would avoid bottled vegetable juices entirely, even if it means not drinking any vegetable juice.

I hope some of this is helpful.