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Chris24 wrote:

I’d look at teff as a good weight gain food; creatine has drawbacks and I am unsure if its candida friendly.


What do you think could be wrong with Creatine raster?

Don’t even consider creatine at the moment. 1/ because it will be far to harsh on the stomach that is trying to heal, 2/ it draws water into the muscle cells and at the moment you want water to pass through you to expel toxins anyway possible.

BCAA’s would be ok. I’ve been taking hemp seed protein too, it taste fairly ropey & doesn’t have the same bioavailability profile as whey, but just focus on getting better 1st.

During die off you may decide training too much anyway, I work as a trainer, but have had to stop my own training because its just been too much to cope with in the early stages.