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wenkins wrote: I only started this morning, but still had my cereal (no sugar added, but highish in carbs).

I’ve got to get my hands on coconut oil still, and I’ve just copied the recipe for the bread so think I’ll test my hand at baking and only hope to heaven it tastes OK.

I don’t mean to sound harsh, but you haven’t started yet. All cereals are high in carbs & will feed the candida. If you need carbs test yourself with swede chips, or make coconut bread, etc, etc. Lots of ideas on here.

I tried to keep things like nuts & seeds, to keep the calories up, but they were not helping. I also had to cut red meats & herbal teas out because I was getting reaction to them. Much worse than I did before I started the diet.

If I was you, I would just go with a diet & stick to it, I wasted weeks feeling shit from anti fungals but was putting stuff back in that was counter attacking the process.