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wenkins wrote: hang on a minute…I don’t think my Q was a blond mo.

Whey is the left over of everything else being removed from the milk, hence so high in protein (20g of 28g serving) and so very very low in carbs (1.4g per same 28g serving). This would indicate to me that the lactose is no longer there.

And if I’m not mistaken, it is safe for some lactose intolerent peeps to consume whey.

Any comments on this?

I really really need to build some muscles, and tons of chicken ain’t gonna go down well for me.

Whey isolates yes, but because it more than likely comes from mass produce cows it will have antibiotic & hormone residue. Grass Fed Organic is the best option, but if your worried about Candida just eat real food. Whey Isolates is very handy, but there are plenty of other options available.