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Hello all, I’ve got some great insight on protein supplementing while fighting Candida!

To start off I’m a 20 yr old male from Hamilton Ontario and I have been struggling with accepting the fact that I have Candida and have to treat myself via dieting and supplementingfor well over 3 years. The last 2 of the 3 years it had progressed severe case involving psoriasis, and crohns disease mainly due to a whole list of medications prescribed to me that aggravated my Candida (Anti-biotics, Losec, steroids to name a few) my past diet, my past partner which had Candida symptoms all over and lastly excessive use of OTC fungal medications and a few prescription fungal medications without being on the Candida diet! This weakened my immune system to the point where Candida literally consumed all of my energy and almost all my hope.

I’m on a strict diet with the help of this amazing book. It seriously changed my life and it’s only been less than a month of following this books guidlines on diet, stress and overall well being! I thought I knew what a good Candida Diet was but I wasn’t progressing, this book changed my life and prepared me to finally kill this Candida.

Anyways back to the topic at hand. I myself was looking up alternatives to protein supplementing while treating myself with a strict candida diet. I must say the best protein I’ve found that I use and believe is actually beneficial with no side effects is PROBIOTIC WHEY PROTEIN ISOLATE (NATURAL ZEST) 910 G the label is on the website!

I have even brought it to my Naturopath and she had told me it was ok for use while on my Candida diet. That may not be the case for everyone, but i use it and I feel great while on my diet.
I agree that overtraining or strenuous exercise is not what you want to be doing while your body is fighting Candida. In fact your body needs more rest than it normally would. If you feel tired, like taking a nap or going easy for a day or even a few days then DO IT! Listen to what your body is telling you it will thank you for it.

A healthy active lifestyle, and a rich candida diet has been a passion for me these last few years. If you have any suggestions or questions or comments please leave them! 🙂