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I’d leave both the whey and berries out for now. The nutritionist is right about the importance of protein intake though, as I was suggesting in the other thread. If you’re low-carb and low-protein, you’ll end up as a sack of blubber with no lean mass and a whole bunch of symptoms. The amino acids released during muscle breakdown are unlikely to help your mental state or your liver function either. A lot of people are avoiding meat here but don’t seem concerned with the ammonia produced during ketosis.

You might find the yoghurt/kefir tolerable because sometimes there’s a “threshold”, e.g. 1 glass of milk for some lactose intolerant people. Otherwise you might need to improve your metabolism, gut flora, gut lining etc before you can overcome allergies. SIBO can be caused by slowed metabolism/digestion and bacterial wastes in SIBO patients can affect the production of lactase enzymes, for example.