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I understand completely. I used to eat whatever I wanted, never gained weight and now I’m SO restricted. My husband gets to eat what he wants as I watch, it’s really infuriating. I’ve been on the diet almost four months now and during the week of my birthday I totally cheated on my diet every single day. The result was me sobbing in the bathroom from having the most painful UTI of my life. All of my symptoms returned, including the brain fog. My husband had to run out at midnight to get me some Azo (pain reliever). I couldn’t even walk! Immediately I got back on the diet and about a week later I felt a lot better.

Everyone is different on these diets I guess. I personally can NOT function (I don’t care what anyone says) with eating veggies and eggs all damn day long. I need real food and plus…I’m not used to eating like this. In my culture we eat rice or bread with EVERYTHING and I’ve been eating like that since I was a baby. So I do eat a lot of meat: mostly (organic as much as I can)chicken, salmon and bison once a week. Also I give myself permission to cheat like once a week. Last night the family and I went out for Greek and I got a gyro. Told them to omit the french fries and give me more salad instead, but I did eat one piece of pita bread. Try to change up your menu, be more creative. For example, instead of eating white rice like I’m used to, I eat a tiny bit of black rice with my ethnic dishes. It actually tastes pretty good.

I think the problem with tests are..they don’t detect candida problems. I got a blood test done and the results were normal; my doctor told me that Candida only affects AIDS patients.

Good luck! I know this is a pain in the ass, we’re all struggling.