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just having a rough time with the diet and everything. cant survive on just eggs and veggies….its interfering with my job….my energy. i have a high stress restaurant job with lots of running around and stress…..might need to maybe get a desk job to do this. what do you do for work raster?

i have all this inflammation in my gut, that moves around. it moves to my prostate, then back to my gut, then to my left kidney, then my right kidney, then to my gut, etc. would like to make this go bye bye.

what caused your candida? did you ever get tested, or just go off of symptoms? my problems started with cipro, a powerful antibiotic that really messed me up.

also worried i might be developing allergies to eggs already. gonna have to eat my old diet until i can get some tests done to see exactly whats going on with me. feel lost diagnosing myself.

im about to get a comprehensive blood test, food allergy test, adrenal test, and a stool test done. gonna be pricey but at least i’ll have some direction then.

wasnt trying to be negative with my post. just curious as to how many people have achieved some level of healing through your protocol. it makes sense… guys obv know your stuff…just wondering if theres another way to do it without starving myself….which i think has made me worse off than just eating crap foods.

great to hear your doing well man…you should be proud. im sure its been a long road for you…..cant wait til i get there too. peace.