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Here’s my blog posts updated every month:

and here’s my story:

I’ve taken pretty much every single antibiotic that exists. I used to get strep throat every month for a period of time when I was young (which is a parasite) and had to rotate antibiotics to treat it. This never worked so I ended up getting my tonsils and adenoids removed and I never had it again. This of course never dealt with the imbalance of flora in my gut and I never took probiotics afterwards to introduce beneficial flora to my gut.

Later, as I started to become a teenager who smoked and drank every moment possible and endlessly partied in college, my health slowly declined until I lived in an apartment that had high levels of mold. I was out of work for 2 years during the worst part of the recession so I did not leave my apartment much because I was looking for a job 6 hours a day and doing online training. Eventually I started to have seizures nightly during my sleep and then one day I felt absolutely awful after cleaning my apartment. There was mold spores covering everything I cleaned and this got into my body and led to a further imbalance.

Then I had a 9 month pathetic attempt to get better, which did work some, until I started seeing a naturopath who really turned me around.

I would look at widening your diet so that you find more things that you like to eat. Millet for instance is prebiotic food widely used in africa and you can make all sorts of things out of it. Teff is also a popular prebiotic grain from africa that has tons of nutritional properties and over 200 strains of bacteria; you can make bread out of teff. Buckwheat is a seedlike semi-grain grown throughout Russia and China and throughout the world. It is a prebiotic and is a great replacement for rice. You can make buckwheat pancakes, buckwheat bread, buckwheat oatmeal, and regular buckwheat that is like rice.

If you want to try out eating rice…black, wild, and red rice are the best options because they contain less sugar when compared to other types of rice and you are less likely to be allergic to these types of rice.

Eggs should not be a main staple of the diet; I recently reduced eggs and started to heal much faster. My naturopath says that they have antigenic properties which protects candida and prevents it from being destroyed. I agree with this statement after trying my recent experiment.

I would try to eat as much veggies as possible and consider trying to eat 2 salads per day. I use annie’s salad dressing which contains 4g of sugar per serving, and even though this feeds candida, it allows me to consume salads which is very important. Rutabaga for instance is a great potato replacement and tastes pretty good once you get used to it. You can even make rutabaga french fries.

There is a lot to discover in the veggie world, and not eating veggies is one of the reasons I am here in the first place. I used to not eat any veggies at all every day of the week almost.