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My favorite brands of vitamins:

thorne research
standard process
nature’s way

These are in general pretty safe on ingredients. When I purchase vitamins online I goto google shopping to see who has the best deals. I spent $185 yesterday stocking up on vitamins for the next 3 months because my doctor is tacking on about $10 average for each bottle of vitamins.

I would get a probiotic with DDS-1 in it (megaflora is one brand that has this), or I would consider getting HMF neuro which contains HMF: human micro flora, which supposedy binds better to the intestinal wall than any other probiotic.

For the bitters, you can get any one you want; there is orange bitters, swedish bitters just to name a few. The swedish bitters are usually alcohol free. One of the best version of bitters that you cannot purchase anywhere is spanish bitters.

How long have you been on the diet?