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Hi Able,

If I may suggest that you post the diet again and name it something like “strict version of the web site diet” or something like that so people choose if the will follow that one or the web site one. Many new people would not even know about it to ask, right?

I think it would only help so many people.

And then if someone is doing something that is not beneficial to their fast healing, we can warn them and say “if you would like to try a stricter version of the diet and see if it gives you more benefit, here is the link…” In the index you may refer to both and say here is the allowed list of foods from the web site, and here is the stricter version if you want to be more aggressive with your treatment.

Then people can choose what they want to use. I personally rely on the strict diet as much as possible, but since I must make do with what I have, sometimes I stray from it a little but only towards allowed list and try to make up for it somewhere else. For instance I eat tomatoes as I don’t seem to react to them. Occasionally I eat allowed list grains in small portions to make up for lacking food in the house (and cash flow issues). In the end it’s up to us how we are going to do this and you just offer advice and hold no responsibility towards our healing, responsibility is purely on us. It may not work for everyone for various reasons which are out of our hands anyway IMO.

This is just my opinion.