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Lauren wrote: I am truly sorry that you do not feel appreciated like you should. For everyone sake please post the strict diet.

Lauren, where on earth did I type anything at all about not feeling appreciated? I don’t care about that, but I don’t have time to constantly defend the diet against negative comments from people who are afraid to try it; and if the diet is posted on the forum, and I allow all the negative comments (and lies) to remain unanswered, what good is the diet to the new members anyway? If no one defends the diet against the comments, the new members certainly aren’t going to use it, and who can blame them? So again, what good is it to post it?

The bottom line was and still is that I simply don’t have time to continually type post after post in defense of the diet, and repeatedly explain that it isn’t dangerous if the instructions are followed.

The fact is, the diet is not on the forum, but if anyone wants it they can simply ask, and there’s no need in members continuing comments about it being removed from the forum and why.