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Albicant;53918 wrote: Thanks for the responses. Ok, so Candida is everywhere. So I’m getting from CS that if it’s in the colon then it’s likely to be ‘short on sugar’ so more likely to be excavating the tissues with mycelia searching for more sweets, correct? I tried oral TJ Nystatin for a month and didn’t notice much. I’m now trying coconut oil orally, but don’t see how it can reach the colon from the front door. I also tried caprylic and oregano from the front and I believe it helped a little. I may try garlic from the back door instead just to see what happens. Anyone try that ‘approach’? :O

While it loves simple sugars, Candida will eat pretty much anything from what I understand. It’s also a saprophyte — it can even eat dead tissue. You can have both forms of it in the colon. In The Yeast Syndrome, Trowbridge explains that the yeast form will grow quite rapidly if it’s well fed.

What Nystatin dosage were you taking?

The books do mention that antifungal retention enemas can yield results. This is something that dvjorge has talked about quite a bit if you want to search for some of his old posts. He achieved much success with Nystatin retention enemas.