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dvjorge wrote:

Hello everyone,

So I am back from my holiday and I wanted to let people know where I am with this diet – more so you can make comments etc.

I still have an incredible leaky gut and literally all I can still eat is eggs and vegetables without having bloating symptoms. I tried chicken and some seafood on holiday, but still ended up bloated so I stuck to omelettes in the end.

Now I wasn’t very good at taking the coconut oil, but as I am back, I am now starting it again and not coming off it no matter what – I can just about stomach it and will ensure I take it.

Thanks to Able’s help I bought all my supplements and have worked out the correct amount to take as and when – I also added L-Glut and SF722.

I’m going to stick to this religiously for a couple of weeks and then test something like chicken again to see if there is any improvement.

One of my main questions right now is, should I be worried that I am relying on eggs so much as my main source of protein and hunger satisfaction? I am eating about 10 a day right now, but if I don’t eat eggs I have nothing else to eat!

Also has anyone else had similar experiences when it comes to leaky gut like this?

As always, thanks.

It isn’t leaky gut what is causing your bloating symptoms. Leaky gut cause food intolerance and allergic reactions. It is fermentation in the gut what cause bloating. When bacteria or fungus ferment food, the gases released by this fermentation process is what cause bloating. If you have excessive fermentation, it means you have a dysbiosis caused either by fungus or abnormal bacteria living in the small bowel.

Hi Jorge – thanks. Sounds like my insides are pretty messed up!! I’ll keep inputting the good flora and anti fungals and keep on going.