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The only exception was yesterday when I ate a chicken sausage.

I know you don’t want to hear this, but you really should limit meat (chicken included) to about two or three times a week. The reason is twofold; unless you’re obtaining organic meats at each meal, then you’re ingesting hormones and antibiotics every time you eat it. In addition, each time you eat meat or chicken you’re allowing the protein that is broken down to release ammonia into your intestines and stomach which only benefits the Candida providing them with a better environment in which to thrive and multiply.

I could scream…..I cant go out because I can neither drink nor eat anything. This is a nightmare for a food lover like me. No sushi no nothing..

Do you think the rest of the members didn’t enjoy food as well? Try not to see yourself as the only person who loved food and had to go through this, it just might make things a bit easier for you to realize you’re not in that boat alone.
I didn’t go out to eat and drank water for almost three straight months when I had been used to going out 5 to 7 times a week. After sticking with the protocol long enough to cure the infestation I’m now going out again at least 5 or 6 times a week, sometimes more. But that’s the point, you have to stick with it if you’re going to rid your body of the infestation, otherwise, you’ll just start going around in circles of killing and then feeding the Candida.

And also the supplements and other products are so expensive and have cost a fortune so far. The diet blasts a huge hole in my pockets.

I imagine everyone on the forum has holes in their pockets by now, so again, not alone. Just don’t waste your money on unnecessary products. When you see something you might need, unless it’s on the forum’s protocol, run it by the forum first to see if it would be a waste of money.