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I would alter a few things in what you are doing:

-Take the milk thistle between meals and take a larger dose (arond 500mg)
-Consider removing the green tea and replacing with nettle leaf, chamomile, dandelion, etc.
-Remove the beef steak and avoid beef on the diet. It causes chronic constipation (takes 1-2 days to digest) and replace with chicken or fish.
-Try out a week without eggs and see if you heal faster. The eggs could be constipating you and might not be safe (eggs a very common allergen).
-Consider not taking the psyllium husks. This can make the constipation worse and doesn’t really bring alot of benefit.
-Eat more food in general and try to eat 3-4 course meals with some snacks between meals.
-You likely shouldn’t start chelation until you have a plan together on how to do it properly without side effects. It typically will make you worse off.

Look up some thyroid symptoms and see if you have them. The most common are being cold all of the time, feeling achy throughout the body, etc. This is essentially your immune system right here so you likely do have some of problem with it (its pretty normal in other words).