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89Mirageman wrote: Just wanted to bump this thread because I have more questions. I have been on the diet for over a month now. I realized (thanks to Able) that the non organic meats that I was eating was causing a delay in the healing of my intestines. I have since cut those out since this past Sunday sticking with only organic eggs.
My question is, will it hurt to introduce things like apples (maybe 1/2 of one a day) and cashews now? Will these feed the candida enough to cause major delays in healing? The reason I ask is because I may be starting a new job soon. Its a pretty active job and I want to be able to have enough energy to get the job done. I feel I just need a little something to get my blood sugar up and give me more energy.

I would try about a quarter of a Granny Smith apple in the beginning when adding new foods. The cashews I would hold off until another month has passed. If you receive no reactions, you could eat a quarter of the apple every day for about four days, I’d leave them alone for three to allow your body to cleanse any sugars.
If you’ve not added homemade kefir or yogurt to your diet yet, or even purchased Organic Non-sweetened Greek yogurt, you could add one of these for extra calories (energy) as well as protein. Also, oat bran bread is a great ‘filler-upper’ and will also help with the energy.