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jamesb wrote: I am a little confused about the number of probiotics to take. I understand that I should take one with many strains, so far I have come across one that contains 14 strains of good bactereia however what does confuse me a little is the amount of bacteria within a capsule, I have seen on this forum qoutes of 12, 20 and 30 billion. Is this inside one capsule (is there one this big)taken at various times of the day or are these figures relating to the amount taken in a day when taking several capsules?

MegaFlora made by MegaFood is a really good probiotic. It contains 14 strains and 20 billion count of 20 billion. So you want as many strains as possible and at least a 20 billion count. Later when your body has adjusted to this amount, you can raise the dose to two capsules a day.
Adding kefir about a week or two after starting the probiotics will speed up your treatment period.

Be sure to take probiotics on an empty stomach, one hour before meals or two hours after.