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4 years ago I had my first vaginal yeast infection. But 5 years ago I was diagnosed with ME / CFS. And longer yet I have suffered from migraine, pain which feels like stabs in the chest and abdomen, abdominal cramps, frequent bladder infections (where I got antibiotics), brain fog, enormous fatigue, nausea and irregular menstruation.
3 years ago I got asthma and allergies. Today I’m allergic to alot and may no longer have pets (and I am extremely sorry about that.)
My doctor gave me all kinds of pills. I also had thrush in the mouth at some time but got rid of it after 2 months.
Now I have a permanent vaginal yeast infection.
I’ve been on the diet for 32 days now 🙂 But I startet “from scratch again” on 10/4 because I cheated once. But it was a big one. So maybe I should say on day 3?

I just got rid of another bout of cystitis, WITHOUT Antibiotics! I’m so happy! And my infection doesn’t hurt today either. Double happiness 😀