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Jenny, I’ve replied to your comments and questions below.

Quote: I am a bit worried today 🙁 Well , not worried, rather sad. I know it’s been only 1.5 week being on a diet, but none of the symptoms are going away, not even improving, sometimes I feel like they were worsening.

Reply: You’re right, the ‘worsening’ of the symptoms and feeling down or sad as you say is really very typical as far as just a week and a half into the treatment. When you consider that it sometimes takes a person 6 months to a year to reach a full cure, a week and a half is not even a drop in the bucket as they say. What you need to know is that many, many of us have been sick with the infestation to the same degree that you are, and we’re now perfectly well, in fact, most of us feel better and are much healthier than we were before we contracted the infestation. Believe it or not, but that’s true.

Quote: I know its die-off but I am longing to feel better and these depressions are unbearable.

Reply: Are you taking the Molybdenum yet? This can help your mood simply because it helps you feel better and gives relief from the poisons of both the dead and live Candida. Also, you might want to purchase a product called 5-HTP. It’s a natural herb which a lot of people take instead of a prescribed antidepressant. You can take up to 300 mg a day of the 5-HTP, and it’ll also help you sleep better because it works with the serotonin level in your body.

Quote: Why is my symptoms like this? Why do I have problems on my face? Why my eyes, why dark circles, why acne so suddenly (apart from other symptoms?)

Reply: Your symptoms are like that because they’re typical symptoms of a Candida albicans infestation. Acne is just another symptom, and the dark circles are because your body is fighting a disease, and slowly but surely, it’s winning.

Quote: I am so scared that it will never go away and my face will stay like this, but I would not be able to live my life like that. 🙁 and I want to stop thinking these thoughts, but I think this decease is killing me from within and I truly want to wake up and see my face as it was before and experience the feelings of happiness when I look into the mirror , but I am so scared : what if that will never happen again?

Reply: All I can tell you is that a cure will come as long as you follow the treatment that is outlined on the forum; this is something I know for certain.

Quote: The only thing left is I think believe 🙁 And I am sorry, this post should be probably somewhere else, but I did not know where to put it.

Reply: The post is fine right where it is. You know, all it takes is one good thought to make a bad one disappear.
Stick with us, come to the forum and rant and vent on us whenever you need to, if anyone is going to understand what you’re feeling, it’s the people on this forum.

PS:Thomas is right, pay attention to his words, they’re just as important as the treatment.