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jennyska wrote: Hi ,
I am a bit worried today 🙁 Well , not worried, rather sad. I know it’s been only 1.5 week being on a diet, but none of the symptoms are going away, not even improving, sometimes I feel like they were worsening 🙁 I know its die-off but I am longing to feel better and these depressions are unbearable . I used to be extremely social, going out every day meeting people talking to people and now I keep my head down and I am afraid of looking at people, especially the ones who saw me “before” and now.. Why is my symptoms like this ? Why do I have problems on my face? Why my eyes, why dark circles, why acne so suddenly (apart from other symptoms?) I am so scared that it will never go away and my face will stay like this, but I would not be able to live my life like that .. 🙁 and I want to stop thinking these thoughts, but I think this decease is killing me from within and I truly want to wake up and see my face as it was before and experience the feelings of happiness when I look into the mirror , but I am so scared : what if that will never happen again ? The only thing left is I think believe 🙁 And I am sorry, this post should be probably somewhere else, but I did not know where to put it.

Hi Jenny, thoughts are coming and if you want to stop them or fight them you will only give strength to them and you start suffering. Stay with the diet it will work. Then let the thoughts come dont fight them but look at them as stories coming in and going out. They don’t tell the truth because they don’t know the truth. Test it and see what happens. If a thought tells you that….it will never go away and your face will stay like this….. ok here we have a thought.. and nothing more. Its not the truth only a thought, you will see it holds no power and disappears. We stress us a lot with thoughts believed and they are not true at all. Try it out and see what happens. 1. Dont fight the thoughts coming in but dont believe the story they tell you.

all the best to you!