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I would consider the following:

1)Probiotics: These are the single most important thing you need for your recovery. If you are not taking them, you likely won’t find a cure. You need to repopulate the gut with beneficial bacteria and then feed it with prebiotics.

2)2 salads per day…heal yourself with the foods you eat. Try to eat 3-4 course meals every single day. If you need suggestions on foods to eat, we can help you…or ask for the allowed foods list from able. You need proper nutrition and this is the second most important thing you need to recover.

3)Lower the inflammation within the gut. Either do an anti-inflammatory diet (salmon, broccoli, blueberries are examples) or take a supplement that is anti-inflammatory (cod liver oil is a great one).

4)Take your vitamins. Vitamins abcde are very important. You need trace minerals as well such as calcium, zinc, magnesium, potassium, iron, iodine, etc. You need to re-mineralize the body.

5)Take antifungals. Coconut oil is OK, but I say bring in more firepower. SF722 undecenoic acid is a great long term antifungal you can use that prevents candida from (re)attaching to your mucousal membranes and is the only antifungal that I know of that can do this. Grapefruit seed extract, oregano oil, and black walnut are other examples of very strong antifungals that candida adapts to within a few months. These should knock it down pretty effectively.

I can come up with more suggestions but these are the big ones that everyone needs to get better. By not doing any one of these, you won’t be fighting off candida as effectively as you’d like. The diet and molybdenum alone won’t cure you.