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I’m not eating anything off of the strict diet currently, It’s just been a bunch of mistakes of food reintroduction and strange reactions like those I mentioned or overlooking an ingredient. I’m taking the right molebdenum and I take 250mcg morning noon and night. I think the amounts of coconut oil are throwing me off. I take like 8 teaspoons on an off day and then 1 or 2 on a work day. I think I’m going to cut out meat entirely and then try doing it twice a week with just chicken or turkey. Also I’m going to use the antifungal dosage guidelines and do 1 tsp for 3 days, 2 for the next 3 etc to establish some regularity. I guess I should get back on milk thistle and vit a+d too. Should I slowly add in a b and e? How does all this sound to you guys? Any other suggestions? Also, how long do you think i should wait to try coconut considering my progress so far? I agree that I’m not eating enough and want to take care of that asap.