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xday2dazex wrote: I’m taking just coconut oil for antifungals right now, and no kefir/yogurt or probiotics. Last time I baked coconut bread I had a bad reaction to it, and a couple of months ago I could tolerate buckwheat, but I tried it a few weeks ago and it didn’t go well. The last side dish I tried to introduce was brown rice flour in the form of brown rice chips which just had sunflower oil and garlic and onion powder along with the brown rice flour and that gave me a reaction too. After that I made two mistakes in a row (being the overcooked hardboiled egg and the undercooked eggplant). It’s been less than a week since the eggplant messed me up. I was taking vitamin a and d together as suggested and vitamin c, but now I’m just on c. I’m trying to get more money to restock my d and milk thistle. Other than that, I’m on all the recommended supplements in the protocol. I got some quinoa at the store but I’m afraid to eat it and get a reaction. What course of action do you suggest considering all this?

I only got better once I started the kefir and yogurt followed by probiotics. I’m still not better and very sensitive to all foods.

I do not have any rice of any form or quinoa etc.

I eat tons of veggies, I found eating Raw veggies works better for me. I spend Sunday cutting tons of veggies and eating them all week in salads and raw. IDK how the boiling or cooking of eggs/eggplant can cause you problems but I’m so sorry that it did.

Everytime I try something new I pay for it dearly…so go slow my friend. Lots of veggies and garlic w/ onions. I cook a full onion with 3 cloves of garlic, asparagus, spinache with my eggs in the morning. Really fills me up and seems to kick the snot out of anything that was bothering me.

I wish you well friend. I know how frustrating it is. Especially when you read all the other foods folks are introducing.

I eat very little meat. Maybe a 1/4 of a chicken breast and small piece of salmon every few days. I eat lots of sour kraut, cabbage and stuff like that. I’m talking huge plate of raw veggies with olive oil, olives, avacadoes…etc. I pile it on and am so full and happy. So much happier than I was 45 pounds ago 🙂

Good luck.