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The other big problem is that Candida is kept in control by the acids formed as the beneficial intestinal flora ferment fibers.


This statement isn’t totally true !
What keep candida under control is the immune system and some antagonistic bacterial species.
Acetic Acid, Butyric Acid, and Lactic Acid are produced in the colon, and a fungal overgrowth can affect any intestinal part, specially the small bowel. The mutation to a pathogenic form of candida albicans isn’t totally Ph dependable since the intestinal ph vary. There are other linked factors related to temperature and metabolic changes in the yeast cell. Candida Gablatra isn’t a polymorphic specie (don’t change), and it is considered a highly pathogenic specie involved in many intestinal overgrowth cases and diseases in spite it leaves in any Ph. Also, many people take long antibiotic rounds and never develop a candida infection even with a severe dysbiosis. Moreover, there are people who have normal levels of Butyric Acid, Lactic Acid, and Acetic Acid demonstrated by CDSA tests who also have intestinal yeast overgrowth also shown in these tests. It demonstrate the presence of acids produced by bacterias aren’t enough to avoid the fungal overgrowth. Studies cited by pioneers Drs about this syndrome such as Dr.Truss, Dr. Crook, Dr. Trowbridge, Dr. S.M. Baker, and others have confirmed this syndrome is caused by an adaptability of our immune system to the presence of fungus.