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It is very normal to feel very tired and to feel “bad” in general as you are starting the diet. For me, I felt completely drained and had a tough time getting through the days. As days, weeks, and months progressed, I slowly gained back my energy.

During the earlier part of the diet for me I did a lot of yard work because it was nice out! This completely drained me and led me to feel much worse the next day.

I experienced the passing out feelings and the shaking feelings as well; you feel like you are going completely crazy almost. This is the candida dying off in large quantities flooding your body with toxins. The molybdenum will help some with these symptoms; if you want to completely reduce or eliminate die-off symptoms, consider trying a sauna, hot tub, steam room, or even hot bath the sweat out those toxins!

You can end the detox/cleanse part of the diet any time you wish and start with the candida diet. I never did the cleanse and did the diet only.

Hope this helps! You will feel better in time!