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Jo*Jo;43587 wrote: I get around 1550 with food, plus about 640 cals from coconut oil.

Breakfast – 2 eggs and a slice of coconut bread, or veg smoothie – sometimes with an avocado

Lunch – salad with 2 eggs or salmon or chicken, or buckwheat groats with fried veg – sometimes with chicken or salmon

Dinner – veg smoothie, or swede fries with olive oil

Snacks – Kale chips (sometimes 2 bowls full), 3 or 4 slices of bread and 3 packets bw crispbreads

This is the most restricted my diet has been since the cleanse 13 months ago. I know its not varied enough and that’s because of intolerances due to leaky gut. I need to try other flours..

So essentially you are getting 2,190 calories.

I suggest having more protein during your snack breaks as it seems like you are just having carbs, something powdered if in a hurry, I really like medical food powders because they provide protein and help heal:

Also, hypoglycemia could be a symptom of adrenal fatigue. What are you taking/doing to restore your adrenals if anything?