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So prettyinpink, back to your first statement…

I guess you know what an allergy “reaction” feels like since you know you are allergic to gluten. Do you remember how you’d feel after eating something with gluten in it? Well, in general, you should feel pretty bad (if you have bad leaky gut) and thats why something with gluten in it should be a test food item.

Other people have this same allergic sensitivity to other foods such as yogurt, meats, some veggies, oat bran, buckwheat, etc. Those are typically foods people test out while on phase 1 of the diet, and some people feel a “reaction” after testing it. When healing yourself, your gut will heal, so the next time you eat this item you may or may not be allergic to it.

Let me give you an example from my own experience. I have been allergic to potatoes for over 6 months. After 4 months on the diet I go on a trip to LA and have to go off the diet because I’m on vacation in an unhealthy city. I decide to test out potatoes and get a reaction. Then 4 months later I decide to try it again, and I get a very very slight reaction. Then another month later when I try it again, I don’t notice any symptoms. My allergies have become healed so now I can handle it occasionally. While many of you may cringe to this idea, I feel that is something you can look forward to after 9 months on the diet. This could be replaced for greek yogurt, oat bran, etc…whatever you are allergic to.

Die-off symptoms are completely different but very similar. Potatoes shouldn’t cause die-off because they feed candida. But if it was yogurt, kefir, rutabega, onions, garlic, etc…it can cause a die-off reaction. I haven’t personally had any die-off reactions so I don’t know what its like, but you might feel a little something after a strong dose of antifungals.