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cjtboy;31273 wrote: Using milk kefir grains, I have made coconut milk kefir without any issues. Treated it just the same as regular milk kefir. I have read the grains won’t grow in coconut milk, so you should return them to regular milk before long, but is nice to change it up once in a while and use coconut milk, which is what I like to do.

Note- not sure of the difference, but i used real milk kefir grains, not the kefir starter kit you can buy in stores which is different.

I initially inquired about the milk question because I couldn’t get the Kefir to Ferment with Coconut milk, but I was using the Body Ecology Starter Kit.

I also Just received Actual Kefir Grains, from a woman who owns her own farm. I really prefer to get my kefir this way if possible, since I hate whole milk. But I have been told it makes the best kefir. So I figured I would make some of both.

Citiboy, what type of coconut milk are you using? Is it store bought or are you making your own from coconuts? I don’t have any way of getting coconuts, as I live in the North East climate, so I would need to use Trader Joe’s unsweetened coconut milk. I wonder if would work ok. I really don’t want to ruin the grains.