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orka1998;31236 wrote:

I believe for coconut kefir, you are supposed to use coconut water, not coconut milk. I’ve been looking for a post for over a half hour, but cannot find it. Email benc for his tips on how to make good coconut water kefir. There should be instructional videos on youtube.


Thanks Raster. There’s a bunch of others on here advanced into the diet. Is it correct to assume everyone should be using coconut water for their kefir?

You can use any milk you want for your kefir. Higher the fat content, better kefir (my own experience from making kefir most of my life). If properly fermented, within 24 hours (which is minimum fermentation duration), almost all or all sugar from milk should be consumed by the grain. Choose a good brand of milk and stick to it if you can. If what you have are milk grains, I don’t think you will be able to ferment coconut water. For that, you probably need water grains. Also, sometimes grains take one or few fermentation to “wake up” and start fermenting milk normally.

I hope this helps!


Thanks Orka, I’m using one of the starter kit though for my first batch. So I wonder do the sugars still get absorbed with the starter kit as well?