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I am not suggesting drinking milk because that contains more lactose than kefir or greek yogurt. The lactose is used up during the process to make these two dairy products so it should contain less than milk.

Kefir is liquid yogurt essentially while yogurt is more thick. I would start out with tiny amounts at first (to see if you are allergic) and work you way up to more servings as you get better. The coconut kefir water is something you have to make at home and cannot purchase it at the store…it is lactose free of course.

GMO foods refers to genetically modified foods; 95% of all of the soy, wheat, and corn on the market now is genetically modified. You can no longer find organic soybeans at most grocery stores. GMO foods fermenting in the gut is likely one of the reasons most of us are here; gmo foods have lots of negatives aspects to them including lack of nutrients, large amounts of pesticides and herbicides, and the fact that many people are becoming allergic to them. Tests done with GMO corn on lab rats caused them to grow tumors. Other tests have shown that GMO foods have other side effects in lab tests. Most food producers at grocery stores in Europe have to label their products, it varies country to country; this labeling is not required in the US, China, and most of the rest of the world. Even the scientists at Monsanto do not eat GMO food at their workplace! Not too long ago most food was organic, but its a much different story now.

Cornflakes or any other food item should not set you back too much in small amounts. Once you start eating them in large quantities, you may experience no progress.