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You need to avoid the following on the diet:

-sugar (sugar exists in everything so its all about a low sugar diet)
-high amounts of starch (think potatoes, corn, carrots)
-molds (cheese, nuts, seeds…unless you prepare them beforehand via soaking/roasting)
-dairy (lactose)…the exception is yogurt and kefir which bring more benefit than detriment
-alcohol and similar products (soy, vinegar, regular ACV)
-caffeine and coffee
-highly inflammatory foods (fast food, fried foods, grains)
-grains (corn, rice, wheat, rye, etc)

lifestyle issues:
-poor sleep
-gmo foods
-chewing food too quickly
-ejaculation (for men) (reasonable level should be ok)

A small amount of rice starch or corn starch should not set you back much but there should be higher quality brands of vitamins that do not contain these products. You may have to purchase them online or do some research. I know that solgar, soloray, nature’s way, and swansons don’t have bad ingredients typically in their vitamins.

Oat bran does have gluten but it is a prebiotic which feeds the beneficial flora in the gut (heals the gut) so it should bring more benefit than detriment. This is not the same as regular oats which contain even more gluten.

I’d recommend trying out goat’s milk kefir and yogurt to see if you are allergic to it (most people who are allergic to lactose are not). If you are, plan on your allergies healing over time (your gut healing) and eventually some day you can have them. You could make coconut water kefir instead.