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I have/had those same experiences. For me, I didn’t know if it was Candida or not until I tried the forum cleanse & diet for a few weeks. Then, when my symptoms started to subside the first week, I listened to my body and realized that it was the sugary food that was causing anxiety, depression, brain fog, short term memory loss, mood swings, low sex drive, skin rashes & folliculitis, ADHD, nightmares, racing thoughts, chest pain, tingling feet & bottom, tooth decay, sensitivity to sunlight, etc.

By day 4 on the cleanse, my vision improved and thoughts of fun past life experiences rushed back into my head.

Testing the protocol diet is a good way to experiment, and it’s harmless…if you ask Able900 for a copy of it.

His proper & safe cleanse is under his profile posts. Just look for his user name or do a search for any posts by Able.